The Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Making An End of The Year Top 10 List

It’s that time of year again when every blogger new and old floods the interwebs with top ten lists of their favorite this or that.  Lists of the top 10 ways to do this or overcome that or get better this and become a more that.  I’ve done it too. But this year I am rebelling and not giving into the easy way out of blogging my 10 favorite moments from last year or top 10 things I did or any end of the year top 10 lists.

And here is why.

10. Everybody does it.  It’s really just an easy blog post that every blogger in the world does so why follow suit.
9. There are probably way too many great albums that I purchased last year to leave in one list of 10.  Maybe if I broke it up by genre I could do it but one list means too many hard choices.
8. I don’t know if I even saw 10 movies last year.
7. If I wrote 10 blog posts last year that were popular enough to list again then they probably are still getting views and there’s really no need to repost them. (however this one was extremely popular – you should check it out and share it)
6.  10 books really? That’s like asking me to pick my 10 favorite children.
5. It would cause me to re-live the last year and I worked really hard to forget certain things.
4. It seems self indulgent
3. I always forget some seminal work that is so clearly pointed out by the first person to comment.
2. If I was a more committed blogger I probably would cause all the experts on blogging say you should make lists – people like lists.
1.  Too many times I can’t actually think of 10 items in my list and have to have a top 9 or just one item there as filler.
-1. Sometimes I have too many items. Ours goes to 11…

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  1. Seth   •  

    In what world does -1 come sequentially after 1? I guess you could be following the ancient egyptians, greeks, or romans however. They seemed to do ok without having a concept of 0.

    • NathanSutliff   •     Author

      “Wherever you’re going to get placeholder notation, it’s inevitable that you’re going to need some way to denote absence of a number.”
      0 equals the absence of a number… at least I kept it rational

  2. Micah Pace   •  

    I was wondering about this worship leader round table thing… What is it?

    • NathanSutliff   •     Author

      It is a video conference chat between different Worship Leaders from around the country discussing and sharing about pertinent topics. It has been on break for a little bit but will be back for this new year!

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