About Me


I am a tech nerd, mac proselytizer, coffee sommelier, music geek, movie snob, sports fanatic and book lover. My desire is to see people connect with a Universe Breathing Creator who desires them over all Creation.

I grew up in Linesville, PA. A small town near the Ohio border. And I’m not just saying small, the last census had 1,155 people living there. But we had the Spillway… so there’s that. Music has always been a huge part of my life from day one. My junior year of high school some friends of mine and I started a band. We ended up averaging 100 shows a year my junior and senior year school. It was a blast. We signed a management and booking agent deal in Nashville. We were called one of the top “up and coming Christian bands” or something by a few trade magazines… not really that important. We had fun, we ministered, we had our lives changed and hopefully changed the lives of others.

I never saw myself as a worship leader… I didn’t want to be a worship leader. But God had different plans and I am extremely thankful for his grace and provision in my life. After the band thing began to fizzle and I found myself passionate about leading people into that transcendence place that worship can take us I aimed to get educated.

So I was much older than most students I was in class with but nonetheless pursued – and I mean fully – a degree at Belmont University in Nashville. Even though I was a non-traditional student as far as age I took a traditional 4-year degree approach working up to 3 jobs at one point to put myself through school. My biggest mistake/accomplishment was the Honors program. During my tour of campus, before deciding to go there, I asked our guide a little bit about the Honors program she just talked about. She looked at me and responded that it wasn’t designed for “students like me.” That didn’t sit too well. I applied. I was accepted. I graduated with honors from the Honors program. I had to complete a thesis as an undergrad. I maybe got in a little deeper than I thought but it has turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life… Now if I could just find that original tour guide!

I worked at a church just south of Nashville for a while through and after Belmont. I loved it there and was having a blast when God called me to Denver. So here I am in Denver leading worship with a wonderful faith family! Even though I never wanted to be a worship leader per se, God had other plans and I find myself in one of the most fulfilling roles I’ve ever been; leading God’s people closer to him and in turn finding myself closer as well.