3 Years of Stage Design


A little over 3 years ago when I showed up at The Crossing Church. The stage looked something like this.
Nothing inherently bad (outside the plethora of fake plants – half of which you can’t see in this picture). The floating crosses were a little strange looking but were part of a compromise from days past. Carpeted stage, strange gray carpeted catwalk like thing protruding from the front.  Generally not too different from most churches like it.  After deciding that using the stage and design to help enhance our message we ventured into the design area.  We started with no budget and today we still only have a small one.  We did and do our best to use what we find around us, on craigslist, or repurpose what we can.


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Home Made RBG LED Lights: A How-to


I am a huge fan of ChurchStageDesignIdeas.com.  It’s a great place for inspiration and ideas for stage design.  Recently I was looking through the newer posts and came across this one – Tightly Gridded.  I was looking for a new quarterly design for our stage and honestly I just plainly ripped off this idea.  I had seen these light strips around Lowes and Home Depot before and had always wondered how you could manipulate them to be used in a DMX setting.  I had done a little research but I didn’t find much useful other than the parts you may need but without any instructions on how.

After running across this post at Church Stage Design Ideas, I was able to contact the person who put together this one and ask some more specific questions as to the application of all the employed parts.  The post itself helped more than what research I did but didn’t detail quite enough for me to be able to just up and make these LED strip lights work.  After working with a few small tests I was able to determine how to best go about building these LED light boxes.  While you may not want to build the boxes, I hope this more in depth post helps inspire you to work with the LED strip lights to create other great things.

The Light Boxes
Step 1: Measured the stage to determine what size boxes would work best.  We settled on 4’x6′ as being the best size for our stage and 4 boxes would best work.  We really wanted to keep the width at 4 foot cause the diffusion material we wanted to use for this was 4 foot wide so it made things easy.

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Inspiration: Let it Be Known

If the first single to the upcoming WorshipCentral release is any gauge of the upcoming music – I am encouraged and excited.  Yes it’s basically a dance worship track… But for some reason I can’t stop listening to it.