Inspiration: Vinyl Thief

These guys are a tremendous talent and really tearing it up right now. They recently rocked my alma mater’s rock showcase (Belmont University – Go Bruins!). Most of them played in the worship band for me while I was in TN. They are truly phenomenal musicians with great hearts and out of this world sound. Check them out!

You can visit them at their website
on twitter @Vinylthief

Inspiration: Cannot Keep You – Gungor

I know this is an older song given that they just released a new album and all but it’s just really apropos today.  This was done at Willow Creek Church in Chicago and they added a tremendous prop to the song to really emphasize the point.

Cannot Keep You:
they could not keep you in a tent
they could not keep you in a temple
or any of their idols, to see and understand

we cannot keep you in a church
we cannot keep you in a Bible
or it’s just another idol to box you in

they could not keep you in their box
we cannot keep you in ours either
you are so much greater

who is like the Lord
the maker of the Heavens
who dwells with the poor
and he lifts them from the ashes
and he makes them sit with princes
who is like the Lord

We’ve tried to keep you in our tents
We’ve tried to keep you in our temples
We’ve worshiped all our idols, we want all that to end
We will find you in the streets
We will find you in the prisons
and even in our Bibles and churches

who is like the lord
the maker of the heavens
lover of my soul
who takes me from the ashes
who heals me of my blindness
who is like the Lord

Inspiration: MuteMath

Remember Earthsuit? Yeah I hardly do as well. But long after their breakup and 3 amazing albums later (counting the EP) MuteMath is one of the most creative and unique musical acts out there and are getting ready to release Odd Souls this September. Here is an unreleased track, “The Fight” which I really dig.

Aslo for those of you who didn’t know lead singer Paul Meany recorded a live worship album with Victory Fellowship you can check it out HERE.

Inspiration: Gungor Ghosts Upon The Earth

I am so excited for this album to come out! I had always been a fan of Gungor but when I first put Beautiful Things into my CD player and pressed play I instantly dropped everything and just listened to the album from start to finish. I had intended to just have it play while I worked but ended up not working and intently listening to the record. It has been one of the most played albums I own. That has made me even more excited for the next record Ghosts Upon The Earth due to release September 20th.