Church A/V Rent or Buy?


I need your help and thoughts.  As churches we should be good stewards with our resources.  We should do our best to spend wisely and not abuse what we are given.  That leads me to the question of the day.  Should churches rent (long term) A/V equipment or purchase it to own?  Is long term rental more cost effective in the long run when you consider maintenance, care, and technology update speed? Should we buy the large items to effectively own them because of the constant outflow of cash with renting? Does the flexibility of renting make more sense for changing looks? How does budget play into the matter?  Small or large budget what do you think the best bet is?

Here is the article that has spurred on the questions – Production Gear: Rent or Buy?

What are your thoughts?  I’m curious.  Join the conversation below.

Advent Candles 2011

This year we wanted to represent the advent wreath in a new and different way.  Inspired by all of the coroplast (corrugated plastic) columns that churches used throughout the ChurchStageDesignIdeas website we decided to construct our advent wreath in a similar fashion.  We found a great place with translucent coroplast sheets we could purchase, Piedmont Plastics – they are nation wide for the most part so if you are in the market check them out.

We welded a frame together after figuring out the dimensions and with some recessed can lighting from the big box home improvement stores we were set to build our candles.  To color each vertical column representing the candles we just used lighting gels. The middle candle measure 4 foot tall and each outside candle is about 3 feet – they are quite large. Each week we turn on another “candle.”  This year there won’t be a fear of our joy burning faster than the others, catching our wreath on fire and causing a commotion only rivaled by the Mississippi squirrel revival.

Check out the photos below.

Bent Coloplast

First Candle

Welded Apparatus

Can Light

Lighting Gel

Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath

New Sermon Series Banners: Mountain Moving Prayer

We are about to start a new sermon series at WCON called Mountain Moving Prayer.  When thinking of the stage design (which with this particular stage can be very tough given the size and useable space) we decided to do some banners.  Since they ended up being the same price with different images as oppose to all the same we decided to create a macro-image from the 4 banners that will be spread out across stage.  It should give a clean simple look and when viewing the hanging banners from left of stage to right you will get the whole picture – even though they look similar.



New WCON Video Announcements

I know I posted this video last week within another post but I wanted to give it it’s own post to share it. We were very excited to launch our new video announcements here and after some planning, and production we were ready to launch what you see below. We created an intro and outro that will remain constant while the announcements in between will change week to week. We plan to change the host of the intro and outro about once a quarter to keep it fresh. We also have in the plans to create more commercial like spots (see Hillsong Church News) as we gather footage from events and continue to challenge ourselves to produce new and creative content.


The intro was a template I customized from the music beds were created from loops, royalty free music, as well as one track from

(I make my cameo for the Night of Worship promo ha ha)

Scripture Videos: Parable of the Sower

For our Red Letters series we decided to take the main scriptures for each week and present them in different formats to help reinforce the point for the day. This week was the parable of the sower. We took a night to have a number of different people read through the verses. We edited them together and put them to video. And here is what we came up with (on short notice and pulled all this off from a Wednesday night to a Friday). One of our editors here put in overtime getting them done in time for service by Saturday night.

Church Video Announcements: Hillsong

There was plenty of activity with the past posts on church video announcements for your church service.  So I thought I would post some more resources to help with that process.  Here is a 3 part video series from Vimeo about how Hillsong creates their “Church News.”  Sure most of you reading this do not have the production resources that a church like Hillsong has but nonetheless there are great bits of information anyone can use in thinking about producing video announcements for your church. So enjoy and watch these to be inspired.

WCON Worship Set May 14 & 15

Sorry that my blog posts have been so few and far between. Life has been good but very very busy getting adjusting to a new ministry, new schedule, and just about a new everything. I have thoroughly been enjoying my new ministry here at WCON. The first month so far has been spent getting to know everyone serving in my ministries, figuring out how things have been operating both in the interim and under the previous Worship Pastor, and just getting my feet back underneath me while I figure out each next step. It was another great weekend at WCON and though I have yet to master the language change from morning to evening on Saturdays, I am excited and blown away at the response in worship services so far.

All Because Of Jesus by Steve Fee
Blessed Be Your Name by Matt and Beth Redman
There Is A Fountain by William Cowper and Lowell Mason (Enfield Hymns Version)
Revelation Song by Jennie Lee Riddle
My Savior My God by Aaron Shust and Dorothy Dora Greenwell

Check out what other churches are doing at “Sunday Setlists” or

Total Geek Out Moment: The Hobbit!

I remember watching the cartoon over and over and over and over as a kid.  It was one of my favorite books and still to this day is as well.  I was beyond excited to hear that they were going to film the movie!  Here was what got my geek flag flying today – a sneak peak into The Hobbit.