We Will Sing (Live)

A while back I posted a rough version of a song I had in all honesty just finished called We Will Sing. I am still working on a studio demo of it as well but it is just fun to look back over the process of creation to completion. A change of a chord here, adding some other instruments, time to live in the song to feel out the groove all have given the song a new and different life from what was originally concieved. The studio demo hopefully will continue that process. Here is We Will Sing live from Grace Church. Enjoy

New Song: Rise Up (Needs a Bridge)

Working on another song called Rise Up. Been fighting with it for a while and finally last night had a good session with it. Sometimes you just need to walk away from a song for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes and ears. Anyway I’m still working on it and need to figure out some sort of bridge (feel free to suggest something). Enjoy if you feel so inclined.

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Be Still My Soul: Hymn Arrangement

Written by Katharina von Schlegel. Arranged and additional lyrics by me.

The band literally learned this song less than an hour before we had to play it thanks to a snow storm canceling our normal rehearsal time. Oh yeah, and I don’t actually play piano so this was new and I was a little nervous because of that fact. All in all good first run of it. Hope to get it tracked sometime later. Yeah hit a flubbed note toward the end and a few notes were a little flat but again nervous and playing piano – I was thinking way to much at times vs just singing and playing. Anyway Hope you enjoy.

The 5 Guitar Players You Meet at Church

I have played on a number of worship teams and led a few different ones as well.  In my experience you tend to run into similar characters everywhere you go.  For some reason you run into the same type of people wanting to play guitar at every church you go to.  So here is a quick list (over-generalized and over-stereotyped for more comedic effect) of what to look for next time you are auditioning a new guitar player for your worship team.

The Modern Hippie – You’ll find this guitar player standing bare foot (no matter the temperature) on stage with an acoustic guitar slung around the neck.  Rough jeans with holes in the knees and back pockets help detract attention away from the bed-head hairdo with or without dreads.  Don’t be mistaken, this is a very talented individual who can probably play chords that involve dislocating 3 out of 5 fingers.  Their proficiency however can be masked by their inability to play well with others at times (they live and exist in their own world).  Also notice the absent minded approach to life as they will often show up to rehearsal or service missing guitar cables, a strap, or a tuner – that is if they remember when they need to be there in the first place.  It’s nearly impossible to gauge their commitment level but if you can deal with the eccentricities, they are a great guitar player to work with.

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Contemplative Creativity: A Year in Review

It’s been a good year.  Basically I started blogging right at the beginning of 2010 and have been learning and trying to get better at it ever since.  Like any blogger, new or old there have been some good posts, and some not so good posts.  I look forward to the coming year and what all it may bring.  But for now here are some of my favorite posts from the past year.  I hope you enjoy/enjoyed them as well.  And please share them if you feel so led and leave your thoughts and comments.  I would love to hear them.

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Top 10 Albums I Purchased in 2010

These are my 10 favorite albums that I purchased this past year.  There are probably a ton of great albums that deserve to be on this list but I just never didn’t buy them cause I probably didn’t have the money at the time.  So with that being how my year has been here is my list. I would love to hear your thoughts, what albums did I miss that I should purchase?

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An Old (new) Song by Me

This is another song I wrote (a while ago but never recorded officially yet). I decided a while back to not keep these songs to myself only. No matter how good or bad they may be, I will post them and continue to write new ones. Enjoy this. I wrote it a few years back about some undue pressure I was feeling and I find writing very cathartic. Well anyway it is called Fly Away. It was recorded in one take on a computer webcam so sorry for quality and lack of rehearsal issues.

Putting it Out There: Beginnings of a (worship) Song…

I’ve never finished a worship song before.  In fact it has been a long long time since I have finished any song period.  I have a fear of writing a crappy song.  And you know what.  If I want to write songs I need to get over that and realize that I just need to write and let come what comes.  Some will be better than others and yes some will not be so good but at least I am finishing them.  So here is one that I have for the most part finished and have decided to start sharing it all (good and bad) with you.  Hope you enjoy. Oh and it was recorded in one take from the internal mic and camera from my mac (that should explain some of the quality issues). Share if you would like – comment below as well.

Key of A
Chorus is I V IV
Verses are I V/vii vi IV
Channel is V IV V iv

Lyrics (in case you couldn’t understand them):

You are the one who saves us
You gave your life to make us new
You make us new
You’ve brought us through the darkness
Into your Holy presence
We worship you

For all You’ve done
We thank You God
We’ll tell the world
of Your great Love

We will sing
Our praises loud
We will join the mighty chorus
As our voices shake the ground
We will sing
And shout it out
[We will join the mighty chorus
As our voices shake the ground] – still want to change these
We will sing
We will sing