I Go/Don’t Go To Church Because _____

I am part of a generation that has seen an exodus from the church.  Or at least the church according to the former paradigm.  So a simple blog post today that I hope you can interact with.  Simply, Why do you go to church? Or the opposite, Why don’t you go to church?  Just comment below, you can stay quasi-anonymous if you would like, and share why you choose to go to church, or why you choose not too.  No answer is more correct or incorrect, this is just a time to share and add to the greater conversations happening around the church today.  Share, Retweet, get more people in on the conversation, It is a great one to have.

discuss and enjoy

If You Could Only Go to 1 Worship Conference It Would Be…

I don’t know if there is a particular “season” for church conferences let alone worship conferences. It feels like I continually receive advertisement for an upcoming conference featuring the hottest speakers and worship acts and so on and so forth. So my question is, If you could only go to one Worship specific Conference a year (and for a lot of us that is the case) which one would it be? National Worship Leaders Conference, Cre:ate, Refresh, Calvin Institute Symposium, Christ Church, Worship Together , Any Conference in Southern California (because it’s held in Southern California) or another (I realize this list is too long to exhaustively list every major worship conference let alone every worship conference – see this good list here or this one here or this one here)? Why would you choose that one?

As worship leaders we need time to refresh, learn, engage in worship rather than lead, network with other worship leaders, and just plain get away and relax. And generally there is a worship conference near you or relatively near you. But for the sake of the post let’s say it’s a quazi-perfect world without budget restrictions and you could choose just one worship conference, what would it be?

Comment Below and let me know which one and why.