The Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Making An End of The Year Top 10 List

It’s that time of year again when every blogger new and old floods the interwebs with top ten lists of their favorite this or that.  Lists of the top 10 ways to do this or overcome that or get better this and become a more that.  I’ve done it too. But this year I am rebelling and not giving into the easy way out of blogging my 10 favorite moments from last year or top 10 things I did or any end of the year top 10 lists.

And here is why.

10. Everybody does it.  It’s really just an easy blog post that every blogger in the world does so why follow suit.
9. There are probably way too many great albums that I purchased last year to leave in one list of 10.  Maybe if I broke it up by genre I could do it but one list means too many hard choices.
8. I don’t know if I even saw 10 movies last year.
7. If I wrote 10 blog posts last year that were popular enough to list again then they probably are still getting views and there’s really no need to repost them. (however this one was extremely popular – you should check it out and share it)
6.  10 books really? That’s like asking me to pick my 10 favorite children.
5. It would cause me to re-live the last year and I worked really hard to forget certain things.
4. It seems self indulgent
3. I always forget some seminal work that is so clearly pointed out by the first person to comment.
2. If I was a more committed blogger I probably would cause all the experts on blogging say you should make lists – people like lists.
1.  Too many times I can’t actually think of 10 items in my list and have to have a top 9 or just one item there as filler.
-1. Sometimes I have too many items. Ours goes to 11…

Not Above Bribery?

Honesty is the best policy

As a worship leader you are, at times, bombarded with requests from you congregation.

“You should do this song.”

“You should have this person sing a special.”

“I would like more hymns.”

“I would like less hymns.”

“You should do more Chris Tomlin, people like that.”

“I would like more David Crowder.”

“I would like less chainsaw juggling and more trained seal acts!”

The list goes on and I’m sure you have your special requests as well. You handle them with care, grace, and sometimes with patience beyond our own understanding. Sometime the suggestions are phenomenal, sometimes they are less than. In my experience however it is part of the job – for better or worse.

Recently I received a request. I have to say this was one of the better requests I have ever received because it came with fresh baked cookies! A bribe, and admittedly so! Yep, I am not totally above bribery but ultimately prayerful consideration will be the determining factor for any and every thing we do as a worship arts team.

How about you, any special request stories that come to mind?

Jesus Calls Us

Jesus not only to loved the broken and hurting, the outcast and the beggar, the prostitute and tax collector but then challenged them to live a better life. He calls us to do the same. As pastors and ministers we are meant to love those around us and challenge them to live a holy life.

Would Jesus Have a COEXIST Sticker on His Car (or Donkey)

I stumbled into a conversation with some friends of mine the other day based on the popular Coexist stickers found on the back of so many cars.  The conversations followed loosely like this:

V: I can’t stand those Coexist stickers.  They are so annoying and are antithetical to the Christian message.

R: Really? Antithetical to the Christian message? Jesus didn’t speak of peace and loving your neighbor? I think Jesus would actually put that sticker on his K-Car (because Jesus is practical).

V: You don’t feel they promote the many paths to God theology?

R: Maybe but I’m not sure that was the intent.  Wasn’t it more religious tolerance and the idea that we should quit killing each other over religious ideals and ideologies.

V: Maybe, I don’t know it just feels like it’s pushing an agenda.

R: I don’t know if the bumper sticker is pushing the same agenda as the people putting it on their cars.

(the conversation continued but I’ll spare you the terrible strange and twisted turns it took – let’s just say somehow we ended up on the topic of ice cream versus frozen yogurt.  I have strange friends.)

So what do you think?  Do you find the Coexist campaign offensive the the Christian faith? In line with it’s teachings? or something else?  Here is some information on the Coexist foundation – the originators of the idea that has since seen many forms and more ideologies being considered within the Coexist logo (again maybe now its get’s offensive or maybe it’s still in line with the teachings of Jesus).

So i’m interested to know what you think.  Would you put one on your car and pull into your church parking lot week after week?  Do you think there is more behind it than just “let’s be happy and all get along?” Is it antithetical to the teaching of Jesus or would it fall in line to where He might wipe off a spot on his bumper and cruise around town in one (terrible metaphor by the way but you get the idea).

Countdown to Day 1

Well I have been pretty quiet lately. Not because I forgot to blog but simply my life has been beyond crazy and I just haven’t been able to find the time. Part of the deal with accepting the position an my new church was for them to allow me to take a little longer to get there due to my commitment to our Easter season at my now former church. We had a big production planned for Palm Sunday (and the Saturday night before) and then Holy week services followed up by Easter then a Uhaul truck ride across country. It was a very busy time to say the least.

Because of the grace extended from my new church to allow me to stay longer than what they may have wanted and what would be normal in a situation like this, the timing made it so that I would have to work the first weekend. I spent the first two days in a Uhaul driving from Tennessee to Colorado, had staff meeting Wednesday morning and a special rehearsal Thursday night. In between all that I was learning all the things you need to know when starting at a new place, unpacking and setting up my office, trying to plan out services and meeting so many new people that I can’t keep names straight yet.

And now it is Saturday morning, only hours before my first worship service with my new faith family (and a few band member I will be meeting for the first time hours before service). I felt more underprepared for Thursday’s rehearsal than I have in a long while – afterward I felt much better but still a little scattered. Tonight and tomorrow morning are going to be great and I am just thankful to be a part. God has called me to begin a new chapter in the life of my family. While I know it won’t always be smooth and easy, I do know that God has prepared this way for us and we follow.