Between Yesterday and Tomorrow: Memories and Resolutions

As I sit here watching the “We Need To Sponsor A Bowl Game” Bowl on New Year’s eve, it seems customary to take some time and reflect on the past year as well as look ahead to the year coming. Because an ordered list would mean I think organized thoughts, I will reminisce about the past year in no particular order.

Here are some of my favorite memories of 2009.

  • Celebrating 2 years of marriage to my beautiful wife
  • Graduating (with honors) with a B.A. in “Religion and the Arts” and “Multimedia Productions” from Belmont University. Woop Woop go Honors Program
  • Moving into our very first house
  • Building our very first house (well actually just picking out a few things and letting the contractors build the house – but they finally started on our pool!!!)
  • Rescuing (buying from a rescue agency) our crazy Shih-Tzu Sophie – think a furry Odie
  • Our Unconventional Dinner Theater that fed 150 families in our community a Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Winning a Baden Acoustic Guitar – no really completely free, it was crazy
  • Being introduced to Settlers of Catan (I know I am a nerd but for real that game is awesome)
  • Moving from Part Time to Full Time at Grace Church of the Nazarene as Director of Creative Arts
  • Seeing a good friend come home Afghanistan (DUUUUUKKKKEEEEE!!!!!)
  • Story Chicago at the Paramount Theater
  • U2 and Muse in Atlanta!!!

Resolutions for 2010

  • Read my Bible more (not putting this on here because I work at a Church, I legitimately need to do better)
  • P90X – (no for real – and not to lose weight but hopefully put a little on)
  • Finding better quiet time
  • Read more (now that I have graduated and am no longer forced to read I can begin on the pile of books I want to read)
  • Take piano lesson (I should have never quit when I was a kid)
  • Take drum lessons
  • Start writing a book
  • Blog better
  • Making year 3 of our marriage better than year 2
  • Start living a better story
  • Move from theory and idea to action
  • Grow our Church Choir
  • Write more music