Church A/V Rent or Buy?


I need your help and thoughts.  As churches we should be good stewards with our resources.  We should do our best to spend wisely and not abuse what we are given.  That leads me to the question of the day.  Should churches rent (long term) A/V equipment or purchase it to own?  Is long term rental more cost effective in the long run when you consider maintenance, care, and technology update speed? Should we buy the large items to effectively own them because of the constant outflow of cash with renting? Does the flexibility of renting make more sense for changing looks? How does budget play into the matter?  Small or large budget what do you think the best bet is?

Here is the article that has spurred on the questions – Production Gear: Rent or Buy?

What are your thoughts?  I’m curious.  Join the conversation below.

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  1. Ryan Hopkins   •  

    At any church I’ve been a part of, we’ve purchased. Renting isn’t bad, it just tends to add up to more than the cost to purchase. Owning gives you options when you grow as well. Your main soundboard turns into a good youth soundboard, your main wireless mics turn into good children’s area mics, etc. Either way has pros and cons, but I prefer to own the a/v equipment.

  2. Jason   •  

    I work and have been working in the a/v rental & sales industry for over 20 years. It’s a simple equation. I rent at 10% of retail cost. You forsee that you would be needing the equipment more then 5 days you would be better off to buy then re sale if the need should come to an end. Long term rentals are the same. Figure the rental cost %, your needs, vs the purchase price. One category I would always rent are large printers (service contracts). Hope this helps JWR

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