Grace Church Set List 1.16.11

I just never tire of singing Revelation Song.  The beautiful imagery that the words paint along with a simple but powerful progression just always leads to moments of awe.  We moved right into the chorus of I Exalt Thee with all the power and emotion that came out of Revelation Song.  Pulling away from our microphones, it was beautiful to hear the whole church body lift up that song with one voice.  The other cool part of the day for me was Blessed Be Your Name.  I have always wondered how that song would feel if you borrowed from One Headlight by the Wallflowers.  Drums, bass and guitar borrowing that iconic groove and sonic landscape.  At first I wasn’t sure it was gonna work but it ended up finding it’s own voice and really coming together.  We followed that up with an original song that was posted earlier here but at this point only resembles the acoustic version as it has really been broken apart and put back together in a great way.  I’ll try to get a live version of it up soon and a recorded version as well.

An Update from Haiti Video
Blessed Be your Name by Beth Redman and Matt Redman
We Will Sing by Nathan Sutliff
Ancient of Days by Jamie Harvill and Gary Sadler
Made to Live for You – by Carol Cymbala, Onaje Jefferson, and Jason Michael Webb
Moment of Prayer
Revelation Song/I Exalt Thee by Jennie Lee Riddle/by Pete Sanchez

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    Posted in the category ………..One of my favorite new worship songs is called the Revelation Song. Or you can just enjoy the Revelation Song and have some private worship time..

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