Grace Church Set List 1.23.10

Great day once again. There is just a freedom beginning to take hold of our worship services and I am all for it. My hope has been to continue to encourage our Church to not just participate in worship but engage and loose themselves in the moment. This is encouraged in a number of ways from lighting, service flow and room volume but ultimately nothing we do can nudge someone into those God moments. It’s up to the Holy Spirit to truly engage them all we can do is try our best to provide moments and spaces where that can happen. As we moved from the All in All/Majesty medley into Indescribable all vocalists pulled completely off the microphones and allowed the congregation to basically lead the song – they sang all by themselves with just an acoustic guitar (and unfortunately still a click in my ear and it was tough keeping it all together at that moment – in retrospect we should’ve cut the click). We have at times started a song and had them finish it but never start it. It’s a different type of engagement. We’re saying, “OK you take it – don’t wait till your comfortable or the song hits its ‘spiritual climax’ and your really into it, just sing and be present in the moment – it’s yours.” And man did they ever take it and run. Powerful.

New Doxology by Thomas Ken and Thomas Miller
Sing Sing Sing by Daniel Carson, Matt Gilder, Travis Nunn, Jesse Reeves, and Chris Tomlin
Love The Lord by Lincoln Brewster
You are My All In All/Majesty(chorus only) by Dennis Jernigan/Stuart Garrard and Martin Smith
Indescribable by Laura Story
Scripture – Psalm 96:2-4a
Declare Your Name by Carol Cymbala, Onaje Jefferson, and Jason Michael Webb

*not all links are the exact arrangement or feel we played but you get the idea of the song…

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