How Should We Respond?

I came across this video on youtube and had to literally pick my jaw up off of the floor after watching it. It amazing to me how people can rationalize and justify just about any belief with biblical teaching – even hatred. It’s a shocking response to say the least. I wanted to share it with you and get your take on the video.

How would you respond to this video? Is there truth in it? Or is she just a product of the Pat Robertson School of Natural Disaster Response? It reminded me of a book I recently read called Jesus Loves You This I Know by Craig Gross and Jason Harper. I was championing every point of the book with great enthusiasm till I got to the last chapter “Jesus Loves the Religious.” So what’s your reaction to seeing something like this?

He's a nice guy


  1. Sloane   •  

    I think it’s a hoax…it’s a hoax, right???

      • Sloane   •  

        Well, someone, somewhere, went way off course.

  2. Chris H   •  

    This is very disturbing, not sure how to respond. There have been and always will be people trying to connect the dots between signs and events, but to say that you can pray a disaster and the death of thousands to wake up non-believers is way off course. If this video is real, I feel for this person.

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