Humbled When You Least Expect It: Daniel Tosh Hits Home

I recently read through David Platt’s Radical. It has given me a new lens in which to view the world around me and what it means to be an American and a Christian. Blessed is word I don’t like to use, privileged seems more appropriate, and as Americans we are more than privileged. And we take it for granted. As I was working the other evening, in the background was a Comedy Central special in which the comedian struck a major chord. With a healthy dose of sarcasm and humor he was able to make me laugh and then poignantly describe the problem with our current American thought process. Here is a video (with no actual video just audio) of that particular joke. (warning – his comedy outside this particular clip is by no means clean and family friendly – you have been warned if you decide to search for more of his comedy)

You can read along here if you would like or missed part.

We have a game show called Survivor, where we try to survive a few weeks in a place where people ALREADY LIVE.
American: My cell phone doesn’t get any bars, and I have Cingular, its supposed to be double since they merged with AT&T, but I have no bars.
Islander: I’ve lived here for 60 years, can I have some bread?
American: Ha, No this is america this is a game ahahaha, don’t you understand? What is this island? Wahapui? isn’t that a shampoo by Paul Mitchell?

It made me think of another comedian (similar warning) who I though did the same thing with a joke he told on Last Comic Standing.
Kyle Grooms – Water
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I am humbled by the funny yet powerful viewpoint of these comedians. It’s funny how we can sit back and just laugh at the joke and never give it a second thought sometimes. Well it made me think – may have been divine timing with the book I just finished or maybe something else. Let’s not take for granted the privileged position we are in for with great privilege comes great responsibility.

As a church however let us not forget the power that comedy can leverage. When people laugh together, walls can come down, and hearts can open.

He's a nice guy

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