I Go/Don’t Go To Church Because _____

I am part of a generation that has seen an exodus from the church.  Or at least the church according to the former paradigm.  So a simple blog post today that I hope you can interact with.  Simply, Why do you go to church? Or the opposite, Why don’t you go to church?  Just comment below, you can stay quasi-anonymous if you would like, and share why you choose to go to church, or why you choose not too.  No answer is more correct or incorrect, this is just a time to share and add to the greater conversations happening around the church today.  Share, Retweet, get more people in on the conversation, It is a great one to have.

discuss and enjoy

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  1. Chris J   •  

    I go to church because I get to jam with God, and because the peeps there love like no other place I have ever been.

  2. Kevin   •  

    I honestly wanted to quit church for a long time. I see the benefits of large churches and small churches and like the idea of both. But sometimes the “program” of church can get very annoying and I just want to quit and worship God with my family and close friends in a small home church where we just allow the holy Spirit to have his way.

    I am worship leader at a church now of about 100.

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