I Wonder What They Thought

I’ve been reading through Acts again (and normally when I read I take a section and read a different translation a day of that specific section – normally 4 different translations) and the first few chapters have really stuck out to me – in every translation. Shortly after the Ascension, the disciples were left without their teacher, mentor, leader, and Lord. Now we are not privy to anything other than what we have recorded there in Acts; no inner thoughts, group discussions, or personal prayers. After Jesus ascended to heaven, those who he had led were left to carry on without Him.

I started asking myself “I wonder what they were really thinking?”

At any time did they think “Now What?”

“How are we supposed to carry on?”

“I’m still not sure I completely understand?”

What about us? When we face those “now what” moments how do we respond?

Have you ever had a moment when you felt God is distant and your standing there asking “Now what?”

Have you ever followed God’s call on your life to the point where you are on the edge of a breakdown trying to understand why you are where you are?

The account of Peter we read in Acts shows a man on a mission. He seemingly wastes no time getting to the task at hand and without a missed step or moment of weakness and begins the process of changing the world. Surely he had a moment where he asked “now what?” Or did Thomas bemoan and question everything that happened post Ascension?

What about you?

Now what?

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