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Video announcements are a good way to move from the dreaded awkward moment at the beginning of service where the youth pastor or some other unlucky person at bottom of the totem pole talks about postponing the carry-in dinner for sister Midlred. Ok it is not that bad, in fact I have been to many churches who have a cool looking guy with a graphic tee and thick rimmed glasses delivers the announcements with a charisma that engages every last person in the room. Anyway announcement time is important to help get information out but can also be a tricky time in service. It can be awkward at times as well as disruptive to flow. We have moved to video announcements used right before service and have found them to be a great way to communicate creatively and effectively. If you are thinking about video announcements or are doing so now and just want some inspiration, here is a great list of some church video announcements I have come across.
The production quality is great (this is important because the church has a reputation when it comes to production quality – see reference here) they are informative and in my opinion these are among the best produced video announcements I have come across (and I have come across some bad ones – in fact we have added to the pot of terrible video announcements in the past). Enjoy the samples below.

Northpoint Community Church’s Video announcements in their current format.

Northpoint Community Church’s Video announcements in their previous format.

Hillsong Church News

Church on the Move – This is the whole service but the announcements at the beginning are great (service is good too if you watch the whole thing)

Metro South Church

Granger Community Church

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  1. Chris   •  

    How much time would you say goes in to producing the announcements video each week?

    • Nathan Sutliff   •     Author

      I would say the bulk of the time and effort goes into the front end of developing a concept. Depending on how in depth you want to go the motion graphics on the front end will most likely take the longest. You could spend a day up to a week or more just to set up the template you want to work with. Each week after that gets easier once the intro, transitions, lower thirds, bumps, and other graphics are done. Once your template is in place it’s just a matter of lighting and shooting each announcement and b-roll (using green screen footage like a number of examples above will obviously take longer to key and prepare). And depending on how in depth you want each announcement to be the time varies. We spend a section of staff meeting each week discussing announcements to film (the goal to hopefully be weeks to months ahead to give more time to produce the segment) and then spend half a day each week filming and anywhere from a few hours to half a day editing depending on how intense it is. When volunteers are running low or God forbid have a job outside of their volunteer work at the church, we can honestly tend to slack on the effort to produce each weeks announcements. On average we spend the equivalent of one work day a week producing the announcements – once the template is figured out and put into place – but ours are not quite at the same production level as most the ones above as of yet.

  2. Chris   •  

    This is great – we don’t do very much video editing at all and I’ve been hesitant to jump towards something like this. Hearing “one day a week” is very helpful. Thanks man!

    • Nathan Sutliff   •     Author

      no prob. glad I could help. If you have After Effects experience or a volunteer with such experience is a great resource to give you a jump start on the template work. I wrote another post with our specific morning announcements which are done in just under less than a day’s work. I think video announcements can be a great tool for most churches to use. Hope all works out well for you as you may begin down that path. Keep me updated on how it goes for you.

  3. Rob Rash   •  

    I love video announcements for two reasons…

    1.) They just look cool. You can add graphics, logo, info, etc. and people love to watch video, especially if its short. And…

    2.) When service time is a factor you can plan for the exact time of the announcements. You can’t really do that in a live setting. We tend to ramble…

    Love the work Nathan! And you’re right, plan on a good days worth of shooting and editing to get these bad boys done. ALthough if you get in the flow and have a template, you might be able to get them done in a half day.

    Here are a few videos we have done, I’ve included an announcement video from last Sunday. I am fortunate enough to have a super talented dude that helps make these happen.

    • Nathan Sutliff   •     Author

      Thanks man. Your stuff looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nathan Hall   •  

    It’s interesting that you would post on this topic. I own a small multimedia shop and for the last year and a half or so I’ve felt a calling to make support material for the church. I’ve wrestled and prayed about how I should make the transition to that calling. Writing small group material etc requires a lot of time and effort and believe it or not — I’m not independently wealthy so it’s taken a while to come up with a plan.

    So 6 months ago Rob Rash approached me about making video announcements and we’ve been doing that ever since. It’s been a great for a couple of reasons personally: I have had a chance to serve in a capacity that I have a passion for and it’s given me some real world experience in making video announcements. My normal day to day work varies a lot so it’s not like I can get a template to speed that type of work up.

    Anyway, the reason I’m chiming in here is I’m considering offering video announcements as a service. How do you think that would be received?

    • Nathan Sutliff   •     Author

      I think anytime someone is looking to use their gifts and talents to benefit the local and global church in anyway is a huge plus. Churches are starting to utilize video announcements much more than ever before so there is definitely a need for it. The only hard part is that they tend to need to be done once a week or at least once every few weeks to obviously keep up with the needed announcements. But figuring out a way to manage that it could be a great thing. Maybe even consider more of an empowerment service where you would work with some volunteers at a church to teach and empower them to begin to create that media – freeing you up to then move on to the next one. Just a thought. Awesome man I will definitely be praying for you in whatever venture you decide.

      • Nathan Hall   •  

        I’ve definitely figured out a workflow to make a weekly announcement possible I just wasn’t sure if anyone beyond me would see the value in do something like this. I’m hoping they will!

        When I get the details in presentation form I’d like to get your take on it if you’re up for it?

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  6. Joe Woolworth   •  

    We probably spend 15 hours a week on our concept development and execution of our church announcements. I agree with Nathan, the bulk of the work is done up front. We have spent a lot of time learning that not all hosts are created equal and stories have more impact than host banter.

    I also created a blog post with some other videos for your inspiration/frustration

    NIce website man.

  7. kein   •  

    wow i would first like to say thanks for your time and commitment to the kingdom, i love the site it as been a huge help and blessing with tons of info and tools i can use, just a quick question, we are trying to launch a small video recording room/studio for our student ministry program, mainly to record announcements, maybe do an occasional video testimony etc,….and was wondering what would be some great starter gear, that we could invest in, cameras, etc….would love your input, and thanks again……..kevin

  8. Mike Cervantes   •  

    Great work! Our ministry is in desperate need of good quality announcements, what equipment do you use? For recording and for editing?

  9. Roger Mclain   •  

    How can I get some info on how to do live video announcements? I love what I see thank you.

  10. Doug   •  

    One thing that always perplexes me is the music. Where do churches find such good upbeat music to play? (itunes?) Is it cost efficient for small/medium churches? And what suggestions do you have for picking music?

    • NathanSutliff   •     Author

      Doug, there are a number of good placed to find music. Search for royalty free music and you’ll find a ton e places that sell music to use. Some of it’s free to cheap and some is expensive.,, even is now getting in the game with music for free or purchase. is one that gives his stuff away. is another good free one. And one of my favorites is – they write their stuff then give it away.

      hope that helps

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