Interviewing Movie Stars

We do a summer sermon series every year called At the Movies.  It’s not the most original but is very effective.  It’s a series started maybe 12 years ago and hundreds of churches have done similar if not exactly the same thing ever since.  It’s a way of mashing up Pop culture and God’s truths.  It is a great series and always a lot of fun.  This year (kind of last min) we had the idea to interview stars from our first weekend movie – The Avengers, starting this coming weekend.  We had the idea to basically find some interviews from the movie online somewhere, film ourselves into the interview asking our own questions and making the interviewees say things they never actually said.  This was just an innocuous way to promo the upcoming sermon series and have some fun at the same time.  This was a concept to product situation in 3 days.  Kinda rushed but we loved the idea so much we made it happen.

Enjoy our Youth Intern interviewing Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo from the Avengers.

Oh, and apparently I need to fire the video editor… nano pants…

He's a nice guy

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