Joseph Kony and Invisible Children: Where I Stand

Wow I am amazed at the response this video is getting.  If you haven’t seen it you should at least go watch it to see what all the hullabaloo is about.  What is amazing to me is how the desire to see the world made a better place can start so much controversy and discord among people.

“It’s a scam!”
“They call themselves filmmakers and drive really nice cars around now! The nerve!”
“They are just greedy, if they really wanted to help they would…”
“Ugandan’s are irate and wish the video would go away!”
“There are invisible children in America too! Why focus only on the children in Uganda!”
“The abductions have dramatically decreased over the past decade plus he’s not even in Uganda anymore!”

There are more critics of what a group of people did to try and change the world than there are of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I think we are missing the point here.

We are so ready to point the finger at the missteps of an organization than understand the power of what is really happening here.  Social media has given us more power as a people than ever before.  Here is how I see it.

I am sure that there is some misappropriation of monetary donations to the company but that doesn’t negate the great social media campaign aimed to make this war lord known and hopefully captured.  Are they a perfect organization – No. Do I think they could spend their money better – probably (but so could compassions and other well known charities). Do I support their overall mission to keep these children from being abducted and forced to kill – absolutely. I do wish their financials reflected a bit more heading towards uganda and the greater area but I do want to see continued support from the U.S. in helping capture Kony.

Let’s all pray that through this (corrupt financials or not) that God’s work can be done.

To make this about money is to miss the point as to what’s going on here.  We can debate all day about how you would run their organization but we’d be missing the point.  People doing what they know to do to help other people.

You see what this campaign is really doing is showing the powers that govern us that we care about this issue.  And the way our government works – for better or for worse – is if enough people make enough noise and enough potential votes could be lost then action is taken.

Yes there are other just as worthy causes to be fighting for.  I predict that if this Kony 2012 campaign is as successful as it is appearing to be then you will see this same thing employed to bring and end to sex trafficking, provide clean water, stop genocide, and more.

That is what I am excited about – action can be taken when it is outside our nations “financial and general interest.”   All we have to do is stand up and say that’s what we want to see!


Also Charity navigator actually ranks them rather high ( and they post their financials online for everyone one to see ( and have responded to the recent critiques that come with recognition (

This post was written extremely quickly and not proofed – please excuse any incomplete thoughts or spelling errors, I will check my work when I get home and have time – I have to get back to work.

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  1. Renita Radtke   •  

    Say the video, thanx for sharing Nathan! Will do my best to get the word out! Renita

  2. Katie J.   •  

    You lost me with the mention of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but I’m sure it was an insightful post.

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