Life Hacks, Quick Videos and Comedy


So we’ve kinda started this idea that we’ve continued through a number of different seasons at The Crossing Church… Dumb (but hopefully funny) Life Hacks and tips for special occasions. They all generally are thought up last minute and filmed rather quickly but so far have been received extremely well.

Comedy in Church is hard. Comedy, good comedy, usually walks a fine line of appropriateness, which is generally frowned upon by the church congregation (even though the night before they were laughing out loud at similar jokes on their favorite TV show). That generally leaves church skits, videos, and even sermons kinda waffling in this no man’s land of humor – funny to those who are on the inside, not so funny to those who are not. Sometimes you have to do your best to play to the audience (rule number 1 or close within comedy… know your audience) and do your best to get some laughs. Laughs hopefully help break down walls that allow the ultimate message to be received better… in theory.

So here are a few of our attempts to have a little fun (and admittedly play to the audience we know regularly attends each week and hopefully stretch them a little too).

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