May We Never Stop Asking Why

I am all for progress in the church. I am all for new. I think that the church needs new and creative ideas to continue to survive. We can’t continue to recycle things that we have done ad nauseum.

We need the new to continue to feed life to the powerful story we are telling.

But we have to remember not to just do new things to do them.  We can’t fall in the trap of trying to stay relevant without asking why.  We can’t continue to move forward with new and creative ideas if we don’t stop to ask why we are doing them.  New ideas are great.  New ideas are cool and they can attract people.  But new ideas played out without any reason behind them quickly become empty.

The new without the why is empty!

So as we plan new ideas, songs, videos, service elements and more let’s remember to stop and take the time to ask why we are doing them.  Let’s ask how they will impact the lives of those who experience them.  Let’s pray about these new ideas; pray that they are filled with God’s Holy Spirit and not our attempts just to do something new.

Cool is great.  Relevant is awesome. But meaningful is powerful.

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  1. Ryan   •  

    Nate, I like your post…I couldn’t agree more. I’d also add that I have always believed that the OLD without the WHY can introduce even more confusion and turn off people than the new. My whole life I was taught a certain set of ideas about God and I took it for the truth…without asking why. As an adult I have tried to pursue not just the what of my old beliefs but more importantly, the WHY’s. When we understand the why’s of what we already believe I think that leads us to new ideas and new passions for God and then we need to be careful to continue to ask why as we grow. Great point!

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