Optimum Time for a Worship Service


When is the best time for a worship service?  More specifically given today’s culture, what time of day would be optimal for attendance? Recent polls and studies have reaffirmed that Sunday’s are still the most likely day of the week for a non church-goer to attend a service.  But what time of day would be most attractive?  Early morning? Late morning? Early afternoon?  Most churches that have only one service have it on Sunday at 11:00am.  In my personal research I have been able to find very little other than “these times worked best for us.” Barna didn’t have a study.  I couldn’t find a gallup poll on what people deemed the best time of day.

So I’m curious and I need your help.  What would you say the best time of day would be for a church service.  Let’s assume Sunday would still be the most likely time for a non church-goer to go to church.  What time on a Sunday do you think would be the best.  Maybe you don’t go to church at all.  What time of day would seem the best for you if you were going to attend.

You can choose 2 times from the list.  If you have found any legitimate research or have experience on this topic, please feel free comment below and share.  It’s an interesting subject to discuss nonetheless.

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