New Video Announcement Format

This is our new intro/outro for The Feed our video announcements that play each weekend in services.  This happens to be our Mother’s Day edition where we had kids make the announcements for that extra awe factor… (side note: the kids were easier to work with and accomplished the product in a fraction of the takes we normally have with the adults…)

5 Tips for Better Lyric Screens


When I started leading worship years ago we were still using an overhead projector and clear plastic sheets with the lyrics printed on them. If you wanted to get fancy you would either hand write the lyrics in different colors and with artistic flair or use your computer to do something similar. God forbid you want to allow the spirit to move and repeat something… Now we have tremendous power at our fingertips with presentation software that is basically limitless with potential; multiple screens, 3D, moving text and so much more. But simply put you don’t need super fancy software to make your lyric presentation add to your services rather than just be part of the service.
I wrote my college thesis on a concept that would shortly after be termed as “Visual Worship.” In the recent history of the church we have been completely neglecting worshipping visually; worshipping with our eyes and not just our voice. Historically the church tried to connect worship with more senses that we do today, especially visually. Basilicas were built with a huge verticality to draw the eyes towards heaven. Every aspect of the architecture had a theological reasoning behind it. Stained glass windows were not much different than our modern worship screens today; colored glass telling visual stories when illuminated with light. If we understand the visual history of the church then maybe we should consider our lyric screens with more prayer and preparation than we currently might. It is not unusual for me to spend and hour or two on the screens to make sure every aspect is adding to our worship service. I consider the font, the background, the transitions, the colors, and so much more each week to hopefully add to the service weekly. This is not something to just pass to another person or secretary to just complete. This is something that can dramatically add to your worship service every weekend.

Here are 5 easy ways to start seeing your lyric screens as more than just words and part of your overall worship experience.

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The New Video Announcements at The Crossing Church

Here is the newest format for our video announcements.
We are hoping to go more organic and less green screen oriented with the actual talking head announcements but somebody decided to take a couple different trips around launch time… so when I get back we’ll continue to evolve them.

The motion graphics were done in After Effects, the green screen work as well. Everything else was edited in Premiere Pro

5 Reasons We Went to a Black Stage


It was a little over a year ago when one fateful morning a small group of volunteers help tear the worn green carpet from the stage and painted the wood decking beneath black.  Now granted we did some research to figure out what actually was under the carpet on the stage – nothing worse than planning all this only to find out what lies beneath would be worthless and you’ll have to spend a lot of money you didn’t plan on.  I had always like the look of the black stage but couldn’t figure out how it would work for us, if there was something I was missing like a special type of flooring rather than just painting the wood black.  It was after a friend of mine pulled the trigger at his church and I was able to pick his brain I decided to do it. Continue reading…

Optimum Time for a Worship Service


When is the best time for a worship service?  More specifically given today’s culture, what time of day would be optimal for attendance? Recent polls and studies have reaffirmed that Sunday’s are still the most likely day of the week for a non church-goer to attend a service.  But what time of day would be most attractive?  Early morning? Late morning? Early afternoon?  Most churches that have only one service have it on Sunday at 11:00am.  In my personal research I have been able to find very little other than “these times worked best for us.” Barna didn’t have a study.  I couldn’t find a gallup poll on what people deemed the best time of day. Continue reading…

Home Made RBG LED Lights: A How-to


I am a huge fan of  It’s a great place for inspiration and ideas for stage design.  Recently I was looking through the newer posts and came across this one – Tightly Gridded.  I was looking for a new quarterly design for our stage and honestly I just plainly ripped off this idea.  I had seen these light strips around Lowes and Home Depot before and had always wondered how you could manipulate them to be used in a DMX setting.  I had done a little research but I didn’t find much useful other than the parts you may need but without any instructions on how.

After running across this post at Church Stage Design Ideas, I was able to contact the person who put together this one and ask some more specific questions as to the application of all the employed parts.  The post itself helped more than what research I did but didn’t detail quite enough for me to be able to just up and make these LED strip lights work.  After working with a few small tests I was able to determine how to best go about building these LED light boxes.  While you may not want to build the boxes, I hope this more in depth post helps inspire you to work with the LED strip lights to create other great things.

The Light Boxes
Step 1: Measured the stage to determine what size boxes would work best.  We settled on 4’x6′ as being the best size for our stage and 4 boxes would best work.  We really wanted to keep the width at 4 foot cause the diffusion material we wanted to use for this was 4 foot wide so it made things easy.

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