Re-Visioned Hymns: A Resource Guide

Hymns are making a comeback. Well you could argue that they have never really gone anywhere to begin with. But with the praise and worship craze that swept across the evangelical nation the hymn was something that was replaced with the praise chorus and relegated to the insignificant in many churches. The seeker service saw better results with more contemporary language and sounds. That is not to say that they disappeared all together but the shift from hymnbooks to powerpoint and beyond has seen the decline in hymn use.
Cue a new generation looking to connect the contemporary worship they were brought up in while desiring to learn the roots in which the church took shape. Now you have re-presented hymns introduced as new worship to a generation who didn’t necessarily know them growing up. Some have contemporized language (some thankfully with more gender neutral language others just to present hymns in a language the worshippers are speaking). Drums, pads, guitars, banjos, and more added to bring a new life to wonderfully written theological songs.
I have fallen in love with some and others prefer the more traditional. Here is a list (by no means extensive) of some groups re-presenting hymns for the next generation.

Resolved Muisc: The Enfield Hymn Sessions – Absolutely have fallen in love with There is a Fountain as well as many others on the list.
Bart Millard: Hymned No. 1 and Hymned Again: The MercyMe front man released a couple great Hymn compilations that have inspired my song selection.
Passion: Hymns Ancient and Modern: If there is one group associated with the desire to reach the next generation it’s Passion
Jars of Clay: Redemption Songs – this group has been one of my favorite for a long time so when they released an album of hymns, I jumped on it.
Covenant Life Church: How Sweet the Sound: Good collection of hymns to spark your creativity.
Page CXVI: Hymns I, Hymns II, and Hymns III: One of my most recent favorites. Wonderfully thought out remakes that just inspire you to sing a new song.
Red Mountain Church: More great hymns presented beautifully
Indelible Grace Music: Another group that just keeps coming up with creative ways to re-present music.

These are just some groups that I have been listening to as of late to be inspired. What else is out there? What are you listening too?

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  1. gavin richardson   •  

    Having grown up with hymns I have enjoyed the creative adaptations that the guys from Passion & Jars of Clay put together.

    • Nathan Sutliff   •     Author

      Hey thanks for the suggestions – you had me at Paper Route…

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