Resource Guide: Worship Guitar and Beyond

Worship guitar has come a long way from the late 80’s early 90’s style that helped grow modern worship.  It has almost become it’s own style of guitar.  Sounding inspired from the U2, Coldplay, and other more alternative influences, it has become a sound that is almost instantly recognizable to those in the church as well as some outside the church.  A heavy dose of delay, reverb, and just enough effects to achieve the perfect texture for each song, worship guitar has become a passion for many guitar players in churches today.

Because it has sparked such following, many websites have popped up to help you our your team learn the parts from the recordings as well as inspire creativity for guitar players alike to develop their own style and sound.  Here are just a few that I have found recently and have utilized myself to learn a part or to give to my players.  They are tremendous resources for you and your team – not just guitar players.

Guitar Praise – I have been using this one for a while and the team behind it has everything from lessons, to theory, to tone and effects and more.  It is a great place to start for any guitar player who is involved with worship. (FREE)

Worship Tutorials – mainly acoustic driven this site has a good number of songs to choose from. (FREE) – Gear talk, loops, tutorials and more.  They are accurate and easy to follow with a good selection to choose from. Site has been really slow as of late hopefully that will get remedied. (FREE)

Guitarmann – Lessons galore, not just teaching you the songs but teaching you guitar! tons of info on this site.  Also check out his YouTube channel for more song lessons. (PARTIAL FREE/SUBSCRIPTION)

FQ Worship – Founded by worship leaders for worship leaders.  This site has charts, lessons, planning resources and just about everything you’ll need as a worship leader to prepare to be your best each week.  Lessons for guitar, piano, drums, equipment and setup and more. (SUBSCRIPTION) – Paul Baloche’s site dedicated to helping worship leaders grow.  There are some tutorials, charts and more but is limited to Baloche’s catalog (which is by no means small). (FREE)  You can also check out his DVD series to help the worship guitar player, drummer, bass player and more HERE. (PAY)

WorshipRiffTV – youtube channel dedicated to the Worship Electric Guitar. (FREE)

WorshipArtistry.c0m – the site is still in Beta testing but what you can see from their YouTube Channel is very exciting for what’s to come. (FREE)

Gateway Worship Youtube – it may take a little search through their videos but if you are looking to play their stuff they basically just tell you exactly what they are doing.  Electric, acoustic, drums, bass, keys, and vocals depending on the song  You can also find the videos at for most songs. (FREE) – the mother load of videos and instruction covering just about everything. (SUBSCRIPTION)

Hillsong Creative – Has every instrumental part from just about every song on the God is Able album. Plus if you search YouTube for Hillsong Guitar tutorial you’ll find a number of videos featuring Hillsong’s Guitar players. (FREE) – Has just about every part of every song separated out for you to rehearse with. (PURCHASE CREDITS)

Music – everything you would ever need for guitar training and much much more (DVD BASED VARIOUS PRICES)

Guitar For – no actual song lessons that I have discovered but a tremendous resource on gear.  with great YouTube demos of pedals and more – this is a great site to talk shop.


Though this list is quite long, it is by no means extensive.  What resources do you use for guitar or other instruments?

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