So You Want To Be a Worship Leader


It wasn’t too many years ago when the worship leader was a rare position in the church.  Now you can get a formal education specifically to be a worship leader.  It is becoming very popular and the opportunities are rapidly growing for worship leaders today.  I have been doing this professionally for about 7 years now and absolutely love what I do but that being said there are some things I wish I was told before jumped in.  So if you are looking to become a worship leader here are some helpful thing every worship leader should know as they think about entering that ministry.  Granted I don’t have the most experience but so far in my ministry career these are some things that I have found helpful.

10. Learn to play your instrument.  No REALLY learn to play your instrument. You should never stop improving your craft.  4 chords and a capo wont cut it. (if you play guitar obviously).  Take piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, and more.  This is a gift God has given you, don’t be lazy with it.
9. Learn to read sheet music and learn music theory.  Do it!
8. Learn as many media related disciplines as you can. Video editing, photoshop, lighting design, sound reinforcement, recording technology… you get the idea.  Today’s worship leader, especially in smaller churches need to be more of a jack of all trades today.
7. Learn to play other instruments.  Have a good working knowledge of how to play the other instruments on stage – master as many as you can.
6. Have a thick skin and learn to handle criticism.  Don’t dismiss the nagging voices.  Don’t take things personally. Understand the opportunity all criticism provides.
5. Learn to delegate.  Learn to inspire leadership.  Learn to empower others.
4. It’s not about you… ever.
3. Get an education.  a real one. a deep one. a theological one.
2. Have a sense of humor.
1. It is so much more about relationships than it is or every will be about music.

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  1. Mark J   •  

    Don’t forget a heaping helping of unstoppable stamina either!!!!

  2. Jay   •  

    11. Listen to your senior pastor. They are all-knowing.

    • NathanSutliff   •     Author

      yes…. they are…

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