Derek and Derek Debate

This is a sneak preview of our new installment of Derek and Derek in the morning – originally our slight spoof of Mike and Mike in the Morning from ESPN and a great way to deliver the morning announcements. I will go into more detail later but let’s just say that we decided to stay current with the times and move to a Derek and Derek debate format in light of the recent Presidential Debate at Belmont University not too far from us.


Let me fill you in with some of the fun facts about this video. As i was driving into work Wednesday (when we normally shoot the regular Derek and Derek) I called to make sure the “talent” was ready. Derek informed me of the potential new idea and we all jumped on board and ran with it. So set up and shot 3 days ago. I created the opening bumper, had a member of our worship band (Scott) compose some original music, and edited thursday and today.

We have a very small media department. It basically comprises of Me, one camera, homemade lighting, and whoever i can get on days we shoot which is normally just me but as of late i have had great help from a guy in my small group, Brandon. There are now two of us who do a bulk of the work. But he is a big help – not to mention the other pastors who believe in what we are doing and pitch in to help.

Side note: at the end you will hear one Derek say there is a “glut” of information available in your worship folder… This is a ongoing joke we started from the beginning. Every week Derek uses another synonym to describe the amount of information in the worship folder. This has been a great litmus test to see if people are paying attention and we were surprised how quickly we were getting ideas for words to use. (comment if you have a good one as we are a way down the list and lets say we may be running out)

enjoy – if i didn’t just wake up from a nap on the couch (fell asleep watching football and waiting for the final product to render out) i may have something way more intelligent to say.