Sunday Conversation: I Believe Because?

It’s the crux of why we do what we do and why we dedicate so much of our lives to the church, helping those in need, and sharing the gospel of hope and peace. One of the hardest times in my life came after I asked myself this question. It’s not like I hadn’t asked before but for some reason this tine sent me down a dark road that was a struggle to walk. It was a tough time but a very important and life shaping one. My hope is that it is not a question that finds you a similar fate but one that encourages you and others as well. It’s hard to look past the “proper christianese” answer and just speak from your heart.

I Believe Because…?

Sunday Conversation | To Worship Means To ______?

What does it mean to worship?  I am sure there is some definitive theological answer (maybe) for the question.  I am sure there are lots of great saying and phrases we have been taught to regurgitate when asked that question.  But what does it really mean to you?  Is it more than just singing?  Is it more than surrender?  One of the ways I like to view our worship goes back to the Old Testament story of Cain and Able.  You see in that story Able gives God the first fruits of his years crop.  And I see worship as a similar act of giving back our first fruits, giving back our best to God and saying here use this, use me.  So how do you see worship?  What does it mean to you?

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