Friday Fun 6.18.10

It’s Friday!!!  So here is another installment of Friday Fun here at Contemplative Creativity.  Why do I take the time to post such seemingly useless things.  Well for one, they make me laugh.  Two sometimes even bad ideas spark good ones. And three, they make me laugh!  So enjoy share these around if you would like.  This first one has been spread around the internet to the point that it is starting to replace the RickRoll (if you don’t know what that means, you’re probably better off).  But I just can’t help but laugh the whole way through.  Then I laugh harder when I think of the person who sat there and typed the sub-titles. Enjoy.

Man this kid can dance! (found at Dangerous Minds)

Well I am at a loss for words. Wonder how sales were.

Tomlin's new album cover leaked!

Is that a veterinarian video game!?!

This hangs on my wall at my office. Love it!

Friday Funny 6.11.10

It seems i have not had a lot of time on my hands this week as my normal blogging has taken a back seat to everything else going on lately. But somehow in the midst of a crazy schedule I have managed to collect a ton of hilarity. One could argue (quite well) that the little free time I do have could be better spent. But regardless I hope you enjoy the fun. Let’s start with a video apropos to the current world situation.

I knew it! Wonder how long the it took to develop the grunt remover?

All dog’s go to heaven? Well just to be safe.

Ahhh yes; like a record Jesus, right round, round, round.

The tag line at the end cracks me up!

I'm sure it was created with the best of intentions but really? The Catholic Priest model has been discontinued.

Friday Funny

It may be a day late, but it is certainly not a dollar short. I hope you enjoy these little gems that brought me so much joy this past week.  To start it off let’s explore the depth of T-Pain’s talent.  Auto tuned wolves!

Now pay attention to the man so moved by the spirit he chucks projectiles at the pastor and then baptizes himself.

That's Flipping Sweet!

It's all about marketing yourself correctly

Hmmm at least it comes with dental and a pension.

He's a pretty charismatic guy, what can I say.