Does Sunday Start Your Week or End It?

I am not looking to get into any sort of theological debate as to which day is the Sabbath or which the calendar is correct and why. This is more of a theoretical question. Does Sunday start your week or end your week? Simply this do you come into a Sunday worship experience looking to recharge your so called batteries after a week that has just drained them or do you come into a Sunday worship experience celebrating the great works God has done in your week? Many times I fall victim to the first. I come in hoping to re-charge to face another week. I use church as a way to cope through the week rather than a celebration of the week. I think we can cheat ourselves by coming into worship looking for anything other than letting all distractions go and just celebrating our Savior. What difference would it make if we all approached Sunday as an overflow of gratefulness for the week prior? What is we came to a worship service with and overflow of thankfulness rather than with an empty bucket looking for something to put in it?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

My Daily Bread is Getting Stale: Passion Bucket


Devotional Idea for the Day

I was reading Pslam 23 not too long ago and stopped on verse 5:

You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.

Now I’ve read this 100’s of times before but this time it really stuck out to me. God has prepared tremendous joy for us. Our cup should be overflowing with joy, grace, compassion, love, and so much more. I can’t remember how many times I have prayed that my cup be filled and overflowing. How many times I have longed for and overflow of Joy; a full cup. But I realized that while I am asking to be filled I am only offering a small portion to allow God to fill me. I ask for a cup overflowing but offer a shot glass.

I am not lacking because God is not filling my cup, I am lacking because I am not offering enough of myself; I am not offering a bucket, a drum, a container large enough.  I am not opening myself up to the blessings that God wants to pour into my life.

God may I offer you more of me so that I may receive more of you.  May I offer you all of me so that I may receive all of you.

In my worship, in my praise, in my life, in my self – Lord let me offer you more.