Celebration Sunday

What an amazing service we had.  Close to 800 people showed up to celebrate the culmination of our 40 Days of Community Campaign.  I know personally my small group grew together through our outreach project.  We were able to built a new staircase for a family that had to jump off an onto their porch each day.

The day was full of great music, great fellowship, a great sermon, and a phenomenal finish – cardboard testimonies.  I have to admit that it wasn’t an original idea.  We found a video on YouTube displaying this very idea from another church.  But we made it our own.  Every story you saw was true.  Every moment shared was personal to that person holding the cardboard.  I did not see too many dry eyes in the congregation.  What was it that was represented there that made this day so powerful.  It wasn’t the song choices behind it.  It wasn’t the emotion displayed by those holding the cardboard, probably the person sitting next to you, and the pastoral staff.  It was God moving through our people.  It was seeing how people like you and me are able to claim victory through Christ.  That’s what made it connect.  There was nothing separating those pieces of cardboard from our own stories of pain and suffering.  There was nothing separating those holding the cardboard from each of us flipping them over to reveal how God has moved in our lives and rescued us.  I can’t wait to finish up the video of the day and share it with anyone who is willing to watch, anyone who is looking for how God is still working today.
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