Does Sunday Start Your Week or End It?

I am not looking to get into any sort of theological debate as to which day is the Sabbath or which the calendar is correct and why. This is more of a theoretical question. Does Sunday start your week or end your week? Simply this do you come into a Sunday worship experience looking to recharge your so called batteries after a week that has just drained them or do you come into a Sunday worship experience celebrating the great works God has done in your week? Many times I fall victim to the first. I come in hoping to re-charge to face another week. I use church as a way to cope through the week rather than a celebration of the week. I think we can cheat ourselves by coming into worship looking for anything other than letting all distractions go and just celebrating our Savior. What difference would it make if we all approached Sunday as an overflow of gratefulness for the week prior? What is we came to a worship service with and overflow of thankfulness rather than with an empty bucket looking for something to put in it?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Grace Church Set List 2.14.09

Sorry to my dedicated reader(s) for the unanticipated break from blogging.  Been extremely busy and worn out with some hopefully huge plans in the next few months.  I will release information as I nail it down.  Until then here is our set list from Valentine Sunday.

Sing Sing Sing – Chris Tomlin
Let it Rise – Holland Davis (Inspired by Big Daddy Weave)
Power in the Blood – Choir Special
Hosanna – Brook Fraiser (video by Granger Community Church)
From the Inside Out – Joel Houston

Enjoy all