Defining the Holy Spirit

I’m am reading through a book with a slightly overdramatic title concerning the lack of attention given to the Holy Spirit. So far I am really enjoying the book. But I came across a part dealing with how we define the Spirit and it made me stop and think (which is a mark of a good book). The author stated that we too often think of the Holy Spirit as a power and not a Person. The author posits the Spirit as Person (unfortunately with gender specific language rather than gender neutral but that isn’t a huge theological point worth debating at this time) He/She (notice I didn’t use He-She which could spark a different type of theological debate) rather than It. I realize that I should have come to this realization prior to this moment or have at least dealt with it and be thinking about it being a worship leader (we worship more than just the Father, and the Son regardless if most worship lyrics don’t mention that). I guess I just pushed my pneumatology to the background and it took this passage to intentionally look at it again.

I agree that when we view the Spirit as an It, the term lends itself to the misconception that the Spirit is a power we can wield – which is thoroughly problematic to think we have and control or power over the spirit. Viewing the Spirit as Person give a more personal approach to understanding the Spirit in the same sense we understand our personal relationship with Christ and The Father. And since we should view all three as equal but distinct I like the view of Spirit as person.

It wasn’t till I read this part of this book that I intentionally spent time thinking about this again.
What do you think? How do you see the Holy Spirit? As outside power or person? Share your thoughts below, I’m interested in your thoughts and beliefs on the matter.