Friday Fun 6.18.10

It’s Friday!!!  So here is another installment of Friday Fun here at Contemplative Creativity.  Why do I take the time to post such seemingly useless things.  Well for one, they make me laugh.  Two sometimes even bad ideas spark good ones. And three, they make me laugh!  So enjoy share these around if you would like.  This first one has been spread around the internet to the point that it is starting to replace the RickRoll (if you don’t know what that means, you’re probably better off).  But I just can’t help but laugh the whole way through.  Then I laugh harder when I think of the person who sat there and typed the sub-titles. Enjoy.

Man this kid can dance! (found at Dangerous Minds)

Well I am at a loss for words. Wonder how sales were.

Tomlin's new album cover leaked!

Is that a veterinarian video game!?!

This hangs on my wall at my office. Love it!

Friday Funny 6.11.10

It seems i have not had a lot of time on my hands this week as my normal blogging has taken a back seat to everything else going on lately. But somehow in the midst of a crazy schedule I have managed to collect a ton of hilarity. One could argue (quite well) that the little free time I do have could be better spent. But regardless I hope you enjoy the fun. Let’s start with a video apropos to the current world situation.

I knew it! Wonder how long the it took to develop the grunt remover?

All dog’s go to heaven? Well just to be safe.

Ahhh yes; like a record Jesus, right round, round, round.

The tag line at the end cracks me up!

I'm sure it was created with the best of intentions but really? The Catholic Priest model has been discontinued.

Friday Funny

It may be a day late, but it is certainly not a dollar short. I hope you enjoy these little gems that brought me so much joy this past week.  To start it off let’s explore the depth of T-Pain’s talent.  Auto tuned wolves!

Now pay attention to the man so moved by the spirit he chucks projectiles at the pastor and then baptizes himself.

That's Flipping Sweet!

It's all about marketing yourself correctly

Hmmm at least it comes with dental and a pension.

He's a pretty charismatic guy, what can I say.

Electron Boy Saves the Day

During the worst storms seen in middle Tennessee in many many years, I ran across this video and just had to share it. I am not a highly emotional person – ask my wife – I very rarely tear up let alone cry. This however caught a little part of my heart and it took like 15 minutes to convince my wife I got dust in my eye. Regardless this is a triumphal story of the power of community. The church should take notes – I know I did.
Enjoy and share the story!

Pulling off a wish like this one required a big story, and a lot of heart. And so, with a note of panic in his voice, Spider-Man explained the dilemma: “Dr. Dark” and “Blackout Boy” had imprisoned the Seattle Sounders in a locker room at Qwest Field. Only Electron Boy could free them.

Erik got into his red-and-blue superhero costume, and called on the powers of Moonshine Maid, who owns a DeLorean sports car. For good measure, more than 20 motorcycle officers from the Bellevue Police Department and King County and Snohomish sheriff’s offices escorted Electron Boy to Seattle.

“They shut down 405 — they shut down I-90,” marveled Moonshine Maid, aka Misty Peterson. “I thought it would just be me, in the car.”

At Qwest Field, Electron Boy was directed by frantic fans to the Sounders locker room, where the entire team was shouting for help behind jammed doors. With a little help from Lightning Lad, the alter ego of local actor Rob Burgess, Erik opened the door with his lightning rod. The Sounders cheered.

Advent – Christ Candle

On the Eve of our Christmas Celebration, the birth of our Savior, we light all of the candles in our Advent wreath. Each week another candle glowed, and our wreath shone more brightly.

First we light the candle for HOPE because Jesus is our hope.
Second, we light the candle for PEACE because Jesus is our hope and peace.
Third, we light the candle for JOY because Jesus brings joy.
Fourth, we light the candle for LOVE because Jesus is love.
Finally we light the center candle. This is the CHRIST candle. Jesus is born. Salvation is here. The time of waiting is over; our Savior is born.
Isaiah spoke of this hope when he wrote: The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned. And He will be called ‘Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God. Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace!’ He will bring justice for the poor, and defend the rights of the helpless.
Now we light the Christ candle to remind us that all of God’s gifts – Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love – are to be found in God’s greatest gift, His Son, Jesus Christ.

Advent – Candle of Love

Today we relight the first three candles of the Advent Wreath — the candles of HOPE, PEACE and JOY. Now we light the fourth candle of Advent. This is the candle of LOVE.

Advent is a time for kindness, thinking of others, and sharing with others. It is a time to love as God loved us. The bible says that “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.”
Jesus shows us God’s perfect love. As God is love, let us also be love. Love is like a light shining in a dark place. As we look at this candle we celebrate the love we find in Jesus Christ.

From the Gospel of John we hear: “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Love never ends.
We light the candle of love to remind us that Jesus brings us God’s love and shows us how to love others.