What’s Currently on Your iPod

It’s a simple question. What’s currently on your iPod? Or what is currently in your rotation in your iTunes? Or (God forbid) your zune? What’s your most recent purchase you are listening through and what’s your most played album?

For me the most recent purchase I am listening too is Aftermath by Hillsong United and 21 by Adele.
Currently in rotation, Bringing down the Horse by the Wallflowers, Beautiful Things by Gungor, The Suburbs by Arcade Fire, The Stranger by Billy Joel, Grace by Jeff Buckley, Salvation in Lights by Mike Farris, Conditions by The Temper Trap, This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars and Carmina Burana by Carl Orff

This is just a random smattering of what’s all in my iTunes but at last sync these are the ones I decided to put in rotation to listen to – well these and a few more but that’s not the point.  So what’s in your rotation on your iPod or iTunes?

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  1. Dave   •  

    Only Christian worship songs, ’cause I’m soooooo much more spiritual than you. (Kidding!)

    • Nathan Sutliff   •     Author

      Ha ha well I’m not going to argue with you there but there is some worship on the list. Should count for something.

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