What’s Your Favorite Hymn (Ancient, Modern or Anything Between)

For a while hymns went completely out of style as the Baby Boomer generation swung like a pendulum away from what they were forced to sing for years.  Now a generation of worship leaders who were mostly raised with out a steady diet of hymns are finding a renewed spirit and interest in them.  Some hymns are making a comeback in traditional form with traditional language and others are being shown new life with modern arrangements and contemporary language.  John Wesley saw his hymns a sung theology.  Some were also converted “bar tunes” (that’s a debate to have another time). But it is important to note that using this logic people used melody to learn about God as well as to praise and worship the Creator.  So I am asking you – and please be honest if you have no favorite – “What is your favorite Hymn to sing, and why?” If it’s a modern arrangement, who does it?

Mine right now is either Praise to the Lord the Almighty from Passion Hymns. It’s a song of honest worship that has a great etherial arrangement. My other favorite that I have fallen in love with is Be Still My Soul.  I like the arrangement that Page CXVI did but I am also working on an arrangement myself.  I like it because it’s a different type of worship song – it’s basically a dirge or lamentation. We can’t forget this aspect of worship – we see great examples through the Psalms, Lamentations and other places in scripture and we can tend to ignore it because it’s not as “feel good” as other songs.

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  1. Great Is Thy Faithfulness is the all time fav, followed by Amazing Grace (the original) and How Great Thou Art.

    Modern hymns though? I really like In Christ Alone.

    Question – what’s the difference between a “modern hymn” and the songs coming out of bands like Hillsong United & Jesus Culture?

    • Nathan Sutliff   •     Author

      I define the difference in the style in which it’s written. There are intentional writers out there currently striving to write in the same feel and meter of traditional hymns like Keith and Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townsend, and others. But in reality music is music we draw the dividing lines of style.

  2. Jodi M   •  

    My favorite is “The Love of God” the words are so rich, powerful and wonderful.
    Close seconds would be “I Must Tell Jesus” and “Living By Faith”
    I do remember though, as a child , I was always singing “Day by Day” (the old hymn and not the Godspell song)

    As a Modern Day Worship Favorite – I would have to say “Hosanna” by ???? and Mighty to Save by Laura Story

    Ok more than just one favorite – I am a lover of music – what can i say? :)

  3. Chris Hughes   •  

    “It is well with my soul”. It just touches me in such a deep way. The story is also moving. Horatio Spafford, lost everything, his home and investments, in the Great Chicago fire. He also lost a young child, and three years later his four daughters at sea, only his wife survived. On his way to England to meet his wife, as the boat approached the location where his daughters had died, he said it is well with my soul, and wrote the lyrics of the song on the boat. It is the equivilant today to “Praise you in this storm”.

  4. Karen Sutliff   •  

    “Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling” “It is Well” is a very close second. Modern Day would have to be….oh there are so many. I will have to get back to you on that one.

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  7. Jill   •  

    Modern arrangement of How Great Thou Art: Google “Maylennium” at YouTube.

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