Advent Candles 2011

This year we wanted to represent the advent wreath in a new and different way.  Inspired by all of the coroplast (corrugated plastic) columns that churches used throughout the ChurchStageDesignIdeas website we decided to construct our advent wreath in a similar fashion.  We found a great place with translucent coroplast sheets we could purchase, Piedmont Plastics – they are nation wide for the most part so if you are in the market check them out.

We welded a frame together after figuring out the dimensions and with some recessed can lighting from the big box home improvement stores we were set to build our candles.  To color each vertical column representing the candles we just used lighting gels. The middle candle measure 4 foot tall and each outside candle is about 3 feet – they are quite large. Each week we turn on another “candle.”  This year there won’t be a fear of our joy burning faster than the others, catching our wreath on fire and causing a commotion only rivaled by the Mississippi squirrel revival.

Check out the photos below.

Bent Coloplast

First Candle

Welded Apparatus

Can Light

Lighting Gel

Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath

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  1. Karen   •  

    Pretty darn cool!

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    That’s awesome!! Love it!

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    Ηi, nice web page you’νe presently.

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